Martial arts are various martial arts and self-defense systems of predominantly East Asian origin; developed mainly as a means of unarmed combat. Currently, they are practiced in many countries of the world mainly in the form of sports exercises, which aim at physical and spiritual improvement.


Every year a young and interesting sport is becoming increasingly popular; it’s MMA. Twenty years ago, not many people were familiar with mixed martial arts, but today all martial arts fans are passionate about MMA. Now mixed martial arts competitions are popular all over the world, therefore, it is advisable to purchase tickets to MMA competitions in advance.

Since the days of contests in Vale Tudo and Japanese Shutrestling, mixed martial arts have undergone tremendous changes. To a large extent, this happened because the following became obvious: in view of the increased physical training of the fighters and the improvement of techniques and elements of combat, too free martial art style needs to be urgently changed. The decisive role here was played by the desire to limit the receipt of serious injuries during the fight. In the updated rules, the division of fighters into weight categories was introduced, battles began to be held in special gloves, many receptions became prohibited, and the time for conducting fights was reduced.

Myths, legends, and hyperboles

Adherents of martial arts invent a huge number of myths and myths, such as contactless combat, the ability to jump 30 meters, become invisible, and so on. Here are the most common myths.

  • Possession of martial arts helps one person unreasonably win an army of enemies. Yes and no. Possession of martial arts really increases the chances in battle (which is natural), but if there are more than two opponents, the chances of the defender are rapidly reduced, regardless of training. The proof is a lot of MCs and CMS, scattered on the street by evil orcs, as well as the results of one of the karate championships, after which the champion was killed the same evening in a drunken brawl and killed on the street an “alpha” fighter (albeit drunk) who was in combat training unlikely to refuse. Naturally, the more athletic is martial arts, the more it is not applicable in combat, but even the most combat melee training against a seriously-minded crowd helps quite rarely. However, certain skills in this area will not interfere anyway. At a minimum – knowing when to fight, and when it’s better to run away at once In fact, the Japanese masters advised so.
  • Possession of martial arts allows an unarmed person to fight with armed with a knife (or even a pistol). Yes and no. If the knife is in the hands of some bum-beating, then in general, you can pick up this knife and shove the master in the ass. Not even being a martial artist. But if an attacker has at least a vague idea of ​​a knife fight, the chances of a fist fight master fall below the plinth. He or she could theoretically defeat the enemy, but at the same time he wouldn’t remain intact exactly. The degree of damage depends on the pumped parameter “luck” and the strength of the clothes. Yes, and we must not forget about such trivialities ignored in films and games as the loss of blood -> consciousness -> which is fraught with almost any knife wound of a serious cut during shaving.
  • A person who does not own martial arts has no chance in front of a person who owns martial arts. Again, everything is relative. Of course, if the person didn’t tear his or her loin from the company all his or her life, everyone would easily fill physiognomy. However, history knows a lot of surprises.

East martial arts are the most pretentious and crammed category templates. Martial arts appeared even in those times when they fought almost with stone axes in Europe. There are a little more than a lot varieties of such martial arts. MMA – short for Mixed Martial Arts – mixed martial arts, athletes from various schools and areas of martial arts take part in this sport. Mixed martial arts began to gain popularity very actively from the middle of the 90s. The serious differences of MMA from other areas in martial arts are in combining diverse techniques and a large number of techniques from different styles. MMA embodied all the most interesting in one style. To achieve victory, a participant can use tricks from boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, karate and other types of wrestling, you can fight with your feet and hands, use painful tricks.

MMA – no rules?

Calling MMA – mixed martial arts – fighting without rules is not true. Perhaps there is some similarity. Mixed martial arts are a serious sport in which strict rules apply. If a fighter violates the rules, he may be disqualified. The rulebook provides for various cases, thanks to the rules, athletes are restricted from practices that could be harmful to their health. In modern sports, including competitions in mixed martial arts, athletes have guarantees and rules that protect the health and lives of participants.

A look into the future

Modern sports have reached great heights and are held at a serious level. The organization of tournaments is built correctly, so that all events around athletes and competitions in mixed martial arts are covered throughout the world. The entertainment of this sport, capable of giving the most vivid emotions, drive and positive attract more and more fans.


Boxing is a classic, about which there is no sense in detail to tell. It is worth mentioning that this sport trains fighters who REALLY know how to work with their hands, and it is difficult to compete with them in a street fight. By the way, do we all remember the UFC star duel Conor McGregor VS professional boxer Mayweather? That’s the same thing. If you want to enroll in the boxing section, you should be aware of some of the nuances. Firstly, it is difficult for a boxer to cope with an armed rival, and secondly – with kicks. The third point – in an extreme situation, you will not have gloves, referee, ropes and a girl with a sign. On the other hand, dodging blows and knocking out boxers in the blood, so the attack and defense are balanced here.


Or karate-to, translated from Japanese – “empty sleeve”. From 2020, combat will become an Olympic sport, although initially it was a hand-to-hand style for self-defense. Now karate is incredibly popular, in particular, thanks to spectacular demonstrations. The masters in the demonstration show the strength and power of waste blows, breaking the thick planks with a blow of the palm or splitting blocks of ice. Unlike many Japanese martial arts, karate men do not use seizures, painful and suffocating techniques. But they are able to hit the opponent in the vital points of the body with precise and powerful blows. Crushing and biting urakens, spectacular and impetuous hurray-mawashi-geri. Perhaps more of a Japanese style is not to be found.


Translated from Japanese – “soft (flexible) way.” The basis of judo – throws, painful techniques, suffocation. Movement should be economical to physical strength, there is less waste of energy, but more improvement of the spirit, more self-defense, more sports training. Around the world, judo is practiced by more than 20 million people, because it has a good educational character and teaches the harmony of body and soul. Unlike boxing, karate and other percussion styles, judo explores the technique of hand-to-hand combat only to carry out throws and grabs. This martial art formed the basis of other modern martial arts: they were engaged in the creators of aikido, sambo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Despite the sports orientation and following the rules of the competition, no one would want to meet with judo in an extreme situation. These are always prepared people who will fight back any villain in a dark alley.


Kickboxing is a sport that combines the technique of kicks, borrowed in a number of martial arts, and fist boxing technique. There are several types of kickboxing: full-contact – with fights in the boxing ring, and easy-contact – with fights on the tatami. In the ring, there are fights of such types of kickboxing as full-contact, low-kick and K1 format; on tatami – semi-contact, light-contact, kick-light and solo compositions. During the competition, protective equipment is used: a mouth guard, bandages for hands, boxing gloves, a protective inguinal shell, a guard on shin, feet and a helmet. Clothing varies by discipline: silk panties, shorts, or uniform with belts. All kinds of kickboxing are very spectacular, popular with fans all over the world.

Combat sports develop different qualities and even muscle groups. Some of them learn to use the energy of an opponent, others are aimed at practicing powerful punches, others – with their feet, fourth will shake up their stamina or develop jumping ability. In some martial arts remind yoga: you can find your spiritual path in them, and you can only take technique and learn to stand up for yourself.